We are proud that Old Republic National Title Insurance Company is our underwriter. 

Established in Aurora County in 1999 and in Davison County in 2005.

We have superb title search and review departments.  We search and review the public records relating to real estate to inform all parties involved in the transaction of the status and condition of title.  We provide this information in the form of a title commitment.  We act as a combined agent for the buyer, seller, and any other party involved such as a lender.  

We also act as a closing agent for all parties involved in the transaction.  We help coordinate the closing day and time with the buyer, seller, lender, and realtors.  We collect the incoming funds and disburse all payments, and we met with both the buyer and seller to obtain signatures all on closing documents.  After closing, we will record the necessary documents at the courthouse and return the original closing documents to the relevant parties. 

So why choose us? 

We are a locally owned business.  Since we are not owned by a Title Insurance Underwriter, over 80% of our income stays local and is spent locally.

We adhere to the ALTA Best Practices.

We really do care about your business!  You are not just another file number to us, and we personally invest ourselves in each and every file we work on. Because we are a small company, we keep all of our services on a personal level.

We do our homework.  From the Patent to the present, we examine each document.  We do not start our files from a previous search so a mistake years ago does not pull forward to your file.  All of our records and indexes are computerized so our title examiners can provide our affiliates and

customers with timely and true title work. 

We keep it simple.  Our communication with our affiliates and customers does not make an issue seem more complex than is necessary.  It is our goal to be clear, concise, and effective.

We are flexible.  Our closing scheduling adapts to your needs.  We will serve your needs with speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness better than a larger company can.

We are always available for questions.

We encourage you to shop around, because in the end we know we are simply the best choice! Request our services from your lender, realtor, or contact us directly.