Title Insurance:  Owner's Title Insurance Policy - Issued in the value amount of the real estate. An Owners Policy protects you from financial loss in the event that a problem arises in regard to your ownership.  Even the most careful title examination may not reveal hidden title defects.  Your Title Insurance Policy pays the cost of defending you against a covered claim.  This is a one-time fee at closing and lasts for as long as you or your heirs have an interest in the real estate.
Lender's Title Insurance Policy - Issued in the amount of the loan and insures your lender has a valid lien on the property.  Most lenders require this type of insurance.  This is a one-time fee at closing.

Real Estate Closing & Escrow Services:  As a neutral third party we collect the funds between the buyer, seller, and/or lender.  We coordinate between all parties involved to schedule the closing day and time.  We also order any additional legal papers to clear any possible title defects.  At closing we explain each form that needs to be signed, we ensure that all of the necessary documents are executed properly and delivered to the courthouse and lender in a timely fashion.  We also ensure that funds are disbursed in accordance with the purchase agreement, lender instructions, and closing statements to make sure all parties and invoices are paid in full.

We handle closings for purchases and refinances of Commercial Real Estate and Residential Real Estate.  We also handle Construction Loans and disbursements.

We also work with 1031 Exchange Companies and Attorneys to act as an Accommodator to hold your proceeds in escrow until you have found your replacement real estate.

Owner & Encumbrance Report:  We also offer a report which shows the current status of the real estate.  This report would only show the current owner, taxes, and any encumbrances. This is not a complete search and is not to be considered a legal opinion of title nor a substitute for a title insurance policy. 

Additional Services:  If you live out of state or cannot attend the closing, we offer mail out services.  Wherein we can email or overnight the paperwork to you, and after signing you overnight them back to our office.

We also offer out of county closing services for the following counties which would include Jerauld County, Sanborn County, Douglas County, Charles Mix County, and Hutchinson County.